Every good marketing campaign begins with a plan. Contact us today to collaborate on one designed specifically around your needs and goals.

You get the idea. If you have a marketing vision for your work, New Alpha Press utilizes a variety of print and email methods with several collaborative partners to help your title gain exposure to a larger audience.

Unlike our larger competitors where 2,000 minimum copy print runs, four color interiors and biennial revisions are a requisite to participation in a national sales campaign, we offer authors a more personalized approach. Specific titles in our list receive dedicated support to expand usage and promote additional incremental sales beyond your campus.

Help us to utilize your personal network. If you participate in any e-mail listservs or blogs please consider announcing the publication of your book. We will provide electronic review copies of specific chapters or the final manuscript to colleagues or potential adopters you specify.


We have established a company initiative to increase recycled paper in our products that we print, and to minimize our overall environmental impact. Five percent of our pretax profits also go to preserve apex predator habitats and conservation initiatives each year.